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We're humbled by the heartfelt messages we receive from the families we've served. These messages aren't just kind words—they're real stories that show our dedication to providing support when it's needed most. They offer a genuine insight into what we strive for—making a difficult time a little bit easier.


Hear from the families we've served

“The friendly people at Coffee County Funeral home has served our family for Years, and we love them!”

Author: Karissa Lamberson rated with 5 stars

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Heartfelt Reviews

The Coffee County Funeral Chapel difference

“Ty for all you did for our family..I don't know the girls name but she was wonderful .From the hicks family they were amazing”

Author:Teresa Patterson rated with 5 stars of 5

“Staff here has taken care of my family in both 2019 and 2023 and they went above and beyond for us. Even through change of management and staff, they took care of every need we had, while treating us with the utmost respect. We felt as if we were taken care of just like you would expect them to care for their own family! I will always recommend Coffee County Funeral Chapel! I could never thank them enough!”

Author:Byp81s Tn rated with 5 stars of 5

“I would thankfully an gratefully say coffee county is by far the most helpful,respectful,honest,comforting an trusting an caring attitude an personal touch that makes these types of situations or circumstances hard or surprisingly not ready for, let u know an handle your specific situation an grief the way you would want to handle,with no problems,business friendly,helpful an compassion that any business should embrace only coffee county truly embodies,hard work,kindness,hospitality,family like environment that my pineapple pendant as a pallbearer pendent symbolizes....💚”

Author:Jp “Bitchboy” Smith rated with 5 stars of 5

“Even in a time of loss, this company and their incredible staff have always made my family and friends feel at home and comfortable with your choice in them. If I were going to recommend a company and their hospitality, this place deserves every ounce of praise and gratitude. 10/10 recommend!”

Author:Brittany Lasha Womack rated with 5 stars of 5

“Most of us live up north where funerals aren’t the same as down here in Manchester Tennessee. Southern hospitality with a smile while having a funeral. We believe in celebrating life and the wonderful at Coffee Funeral Home helped make Sammie’s service special. He went to the Lord with music, celebrations, & even masked up for the COVID’s. Beautiful funeral home with lots of helpful professionals. They helped us with hotels in the area and recommended places to eat. Sammie love his town of Manchester and now we all understand ! Lots of peace, love, & happiness to everyone that helped make Sammie’s homecoming possible. God bless all of you ! Our yankee family loved the opportunity to enjoy to celebrate his life with “yall” !”

Author:Tom Robin rated with 5 stars of 5

“Death is never pleasant or expected in most situations. You feel lost and have no idea what to do. Pops wanted to be at Coffee County Funeral Chapel because Grams had her service with them. EVERYONE was amazing. It felt like they were part of our chirch family and we just added a bunch of new members. We now have a larger family with them! CCFC took the confusion and desperation away from our family. I don’t know how they do it! They are very special people. The ladies have a elegant funeral home with soo much comfort and warmness. We had Uncle Jim’s service at a different place in Sparta but there is no comparison to the compassion and understanding that Coffee Funeral Home gave us. I would recommend calling Coffee County Funeral Home. We should have made arrangements sooner. Don’t forget to tell the funeral people thank you when you are also dealing with a lost. They are special people and friends !”

Author:Carter Thomas rated with 5 stars of 5
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